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We ended 1999 with the December release of Mark Narkowicz's single "1000 tears" which has received quite a bit of favourable response from Japan.

In February 2000 our joint venture with Drive-in records "Indie Aid Abroad: a little help for East Timor" came out to quite a bit of acclaim and US college radio airplay.

March 2000 - Mark (Lucksmiths) and Peter (Soda stream) organised a show at the Laundry. Strictly speaking it was a Drive-in showcase to hi-light the new cds each band had recently released but it rates a mention in Library news due to it also being the launch for "Indie Aid Abroad" and Bart's solo debut.
The bill in order of appearance was:

  • Bart
  • Joel (Steinbecks)
  • Kissing book
  • Soda stream
  • Lucksmiths
April 2000 saw us releasing 2 singles, Robert Cooper's 2nd single "If in doubt" and Tugboat's debut "If you done it you'll know what I mean".

May 2000 seemed as good a time as any to go to Tokyo to visit the people at Clover records and for Bart to play a little solo show.

In July 2000, motivated by Smiley's request to support them on tour, Bart and friends (Andrew & Mark) rehearsed a blistering 10 minute set which they aired at the Punters. Mark and Bart also played live to air on 3rrr minus Andrew in an abridged version on the last show of Pacific Highway. To check out the action at the Punters, click here.

August 2000 - In truly epic proportions, the 7 band marathon that was the Library records showcase took place. Featuring

  • Other peoples children
  • Bart and friends
  • Super falling star
  • Huon
  • Tugboat
  • Dunaways and
  • Sleepy Township.

September 2000 - At last it was finally out. 3 years on, and Robert Cooper's cd was a pop masterpiece reality. Other peoples children 2nd single "Transatlantic" is also released. Bart and friends play their last gig for the year in a loft and indulge their Velvet's fantasies.

October 2000 - The long awaited Sleepy township ep is released. Guy plays a solo show in Tokyo on his way to fulfill bass playing duties with the Cannanes in America. The Dunaways play a set of Beatles covers in the Fairfield bookstore to mark the release of the Beatles Anthology.

November 2000 - Not much action but lots of scheming.

Febuary 2001 - To make up for what seemed like way too much inactivity at Library over summer we decide to try and synchronise the release of 3 CDs with a trip to Sydney... and failed miserably. But my word wasn't it lovely and stressful trying. In hindsight the trip to Sydney wasn't all that bad. Tugboat, Huon, Bart & friends and Sleepy township all played excellent sets at the Hopetoun. Special mention must be made of David Nichols playing on despite suffering from "food poisoning" and providing some of the most entertaining moments of the evening. The following Sunday afternoon Tugboat, Bart & friends and the Lucksmiths played an underneath the clothesline. Somehow in amongst all that Bart guest programmed on Osmosis at 2SER and Tugboat and Bart & friends recorded sessions there as well. Big thanks to Leigh and the Cannanes for all their help over the weekend.

The CDs came out about a week later.                                                                

shhh15 Deep water, the long awaited 2nd album by Sleepy township. 

shhh16 Pacific Highway, a compilation of "live to airs" from the 3RRR show of the same name. Bands included are Minimum chips, Sodastream, Grand salvo, Sleepy township, Vivian girls, Mary Wyer, Bart & friends and Royal chord

shhh17 I was lonely 'til I found you, a 7 song CD ep by Bart & friends which features some new songs, reworkings of old favourites plus covers of the Buzzcocks and Magazine.

Sleepy township have done a major update to their website with video, sound and photos.

March 2001 - We had quite a successful launch for the "Pacific Highway" CD at the Empress with Soda stream, Sleepy township, Long weekend and Royal chord.

July 2001 - Other peoples children release their CD Field of sadness.

August 2001 - Tugboat release their CD All day.

September 2001 - Bart plays a solo show in London supporting Pam Berry's band the Pines on the 15th September.

Febuary 2002 - Sleepy township break up and play their last show at the Punters Club.

March 2002 - Shapiros release a compilation CD after nearly every conceivable delay.

August 2002 - Mia Schoen launched her CD Champions at the Builders arms on the 28th of August supported by Guy Blackman and Kirsty Stegwasi.  Mia is probably best known as a member of Sleepy township and Huon.  Champions is a collection of songwriting sketches and demos from 1992-2002.
Mark Narkowicz launched his CD Now, where was I? on the 3rd of August with support from the Steinbecks.  Mark is also the singer in the Dunaways and formally a member of the Fish John West rejects.

April 2003 - the Cat's miaow CDs A kiss and a cuddle and Songs for girls to sing are re-issued.

September 2003 - at long last the Library Records compilation double cd is released. 


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