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shhh10 Various artists-Indie Aid Abroad: A Little Help for East Timor  CD
The legendary tribute to Stereolab appeared on the "From My Window" limited edition           cassette and makes its reappearance here after much encouragement by Drive-In.

This is a compilation CD co-released with Drive-In Records. All profits going to "Community Aid Abroad", which is a charity working to provide for basic human needs in East Timor. The CD has tracks by bands associated with Library and Drive-In. Many of the tracks are exclusive to this comp. Some are from sold out, out of print 7" singles and appear for the first time on CD.

Track listing:
  1. The Steinbecks - Wings pt 2
  2. (from the forthcoming Drive-In cd)
  3. The Lucky Ladybugs (the Lucksmiths & the Ladybug Transistor)
  4. (recorded December '99 in New York especially for this comp)
  5. The Cannanes - Population~Two
  6. (from the 12" split with Timonium released by Blackbean)
  7. Hydroplane - Grand Central
  8. (remix of a track from the "Hope against hope" album)
  9. Buddha on the moon - Anyone Else Isn't You
  10. (Field Mice cover)
  11. Castaway Stones - Up All Day
  12. (from the Shelflife album)
  13. The Autocollants - Aurora
  14. (Cat's Miaow cover from the Gas Money tape)
  15. Robert Cooper - If in doubt...
  16. (Acoustic version of a track on a forthcoming 7")
  17. Even As We Speak - Until Tomorrow
  18. (previously unreleased)
  19. The Steinbecks - All That Is Ahead Is the Future
  20. (unreleased, exclusive)
  21. The Cannanes - Commitment
  22. (B-side of a single on Harriet)
  23. Hydroplane - World without You
  24. (unreleased, exclusive)
  25. Huon & Alastair Galbraith - Crucifixion
  26. (exclusive cover of 60's folk singer Phil Ochs)
  27. Pencil tin - Poignant
  28. (from the sold out Quiddity 7")
  29. The Singing Bush - Do What You Say
  30. (from the sold out first ever release on Drive-In)
  31. MJ 12 - Lost & Found
  32. (from the Quiddity 7", also the band that later became Majestic)
  33. Buddha on the moon - Losing
  34. (from the sold out Quiddity 7")
  35. The Shapiros - Paris Kiss
  36. (from the sold out Drive-In 7")
  37. Pencil Tin - In Dreams
  38. (from the sold out Quiddity 7")
  39. Madison Electric - Heavy Petal
  40. (from the sold out Quiddity 7")
  41. Super Falling Star - Shipwrecked
  42. (from the sold out Quiddity 7")
  43. The Cat's Miaow - Neu Monotonic FM
  44. (The legendary tribute to Stereolab appeared on the "From My Window" limited edition
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