Library Records

shhh11 Robert Cooper-Self titled CD

Robert's new self-titled CD follows on from the release of his two previous singles on Library Records "Fireworks at noon" and "If in doubt". To place Robert in a wider context he has also played in some of the best indie pop bands to come out of Melbourne such as the Sugargliders, Pencil tin, the Steinbecks and the Earthmen. The CD captures the full range of Robert's musical ability and style, from the simple acoustic treatments reminiscent of his intimate café performances to the full-blown Wilsonesque. Included is a version of Pencil Tin favourite "Poignant" done on piano a la Bacharach and Robert's first single "Fireworks at noon".

Track listing:
  1. Brilliant feeling
  2. Glamour and glitz
  3. Fireworks at noon
  4. Poignant
  5. She's a stranger to me now
  6. Hard to believe
  7. Co-dependency and you
  8. More than a notion
  9. Change the weather
  10. What I wanted to say
  11. Maybe if
  12. The tyranny of parents


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