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shhh12 Sleepy Township-4 song 7" EP

Mia's opener, 'Morning', is typical of her work: fast-paced, melodic, says what it has to say and gets out fast, but leaves you feeling infinitely richer for the experience. It's followed by Chris's song 'Love and Hate', which leans towards the heavier scale of things, though Sleepy Township can get much harsher if they want to. The verse here reminds me of the Reels' first album, and the chorus makes me think of early 70s Stones. Maybe you have other ideas. On side two, Guy's song 'Reve Marine', which he performs here in French with his usual delightful single-minded idiosyncrasy, is a loping piece of whimsy performed Charles Aznavour-style. All that is missing is the sound of bubbles rising to the surface and someone banging on a big pipe and yelling 'full steam ahead', but that's probably already been done. Mia's 'Central Station' is a good example of her mastery of the craft; it's performed as a straight-ahead pop song here, but it could just as easily be performed as cocktail jazz, or r 'n' b. - David Nichols

  1. Morning/ H & L
  2. Reve Marine/ Central Station.

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