Library Records

shhh13 Other People's Children-Transatlantic 7"

Somehow another unusual morphing process occurred when Jason Sweeney transmogrified into Other People's Children (or OPC as the lazies refer to it) in 1995. Born of the remaining confectionary that was Sweet William, Jason got together (with Louey Hart on guest vocals) to make their first single on Library Records, 'Skywave' in 1999. Before this, OPC had appeared on numerous compilations in both Australia and abroad, as well as selling little cassette tapes to friends. The new 7" single on Library, 'Transatlantic', sees the poppier side of OPC come to the fore, with much twiddling of oscillators and sweepers and melodic singing and drum machines and what else could you want? This one's all about decoding government infrastructures so it should be a laugh-a-minute.

  1. Transatlantic
  2. Mood Music.


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