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shhh15 Sleepy township-Deep water
Deep Water, Sleepy Township's 2nd album, is a fuller, richer and soppier work than their scratchy debut. 13 songs of hope and despair in a style that brings together elements as disparate as the Clean, the Beach Boys,Beat Happening and Yo La Tengo.

The band is supremely democratic in a utopian sense, although not without its own inner tensions, which just give the songs that much more life. Each member of the band contributes their own songs and vocal performances. Mia and Guy and Alison swap around on guitar, keyboard and bass, creating shifting dynamics between songs, all within a framework that is instantly recognisable as the Sleepy sound.
 Chapter Music is releasing the vinyl version.

1.Turn it around
2. Change
3. One for the truckdrivers
4. Don't leave me here
5. City scene
6. Caribbean delight
7. Tender loving care
8. Savoir faire
9. Timeless
10. Something you said
11. Ten years
12. Christmas song
13. Best friend
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