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shhh18 Other people's children-Field of sadness

Ever been in love then found yourself stranded in some abandoned pastoral scene with only the sound of a buzzing electrical wire above to comfort you? Well, Other people's children (OPC) know this feeling only too well, and hence comes the debut full length CD, Field of sadness.

This collection gathers songs from the past three years of recorded material, including songs from the first two OPC Library 7"s.  Combining the vocals of Jason Sweeney and Louey Hart (ex Sweet William),with the added electronics, samplings and melodies from Cailan Burns and Nicole Lowrey, this album is pop-melancholia and late-night club dancing combined. Field Of Sadness lies sonically somewhere hope and desolation, and geographically somewhere between the South Australian and Victorian borders.

1. Birth of steel
2. Mood music
3. Beautiful rain
4. Skywave
5. The difference in you
6. Design department
7. Telephoto 50
8. Autumnal radio static
9. We're not that different
10. Sea vacation
11. Swallow rain

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