Library Records

shhh19 Shapiros-Compilation

These songs date back to 1994 when Bart (Cat's miaow, Hydroplane) teamed up with Pam (Black tambourine, Glo-worm) Skooter (Veronica Lake) and Trish (Heartworms) for a short lived but very productive venture. Produced by Archie Moore (Velocity Girl), these songs hi-light the beautiful harmonies and concise jangly guitar melodies these musicians have become known for.

All the singles are conveniently and beautifully compiled together for the first time on the one CD. Also included are 2 previously unreleased songs. A cover of "Will you still love tomorrow?" and the original version of "When I was Howard Hughes" later recorded as a single by Hydroplane.
1. Paris kiss
2. Cry for a shadow
3. Month of days
4. Gone by Fall
5. Makes me smile
6. Cut
7. Do you know
8. Hundred times
9. He said, she said
10. Cross your mind
11. Will you still love me tomorrow
12. When I was Howard Hughes

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