Library Records

shhh20 Tugboat-All day

Tugboat expands the world most 3-piece bands inhabit by using vocal harmonies and experimenting with the dynamics of the songs. All day displays a rich diversity. From the pop of Getting tied up in knots, and the muted atmospherics of The sky is falling, to the spaciousness of So cold inside. If you need comparisons, Galaxie 500 and Yo la tengo would be touchstones, but even now that I've written it, they seem far from adequate. All day is an album of songs about moving on, of departures and arrivals.

1. Next year's words
2. Self-same
3. Northern spiral arm
4. Don't care, really
5. Pause and effect
6. The sky is falling (travelling song)
7. So cold inside
8. Just like that
9. Getting tied up in knots
10. If I have my way
11. She doesn't come around
12. Love goes home to Paris in the spring
13. So much fun to be had
14. Friday afternoon
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