Library Records

shhh21 Mark Narkowicz-Now, where was I?

Mark Narkowicz normally fronts the Dunaways and has always been a fan of power pop, and on this, his first album are bundled up all those tunes he's written over the past few years which snap, crackle and POP. Included are 1000 tears and Stars of heaven from the previous 7" on Library which both gleam with an acousto-electric dazzle.

1.1000 tears
2.Stars of heaven
3.Deliver me now
4.What a way to end the weekend
5.Funny how things come around
6.Bad reputation
7.Sun come shine
8.Every girl (cuts me in half)
9.Mr. Leary
11.Ideal husbands
12.Lights out over Launceston (live)


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